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The iOS localization

The iOS localizationLocalizaton ios

The iOS localization services is a very useful feature, which helps you render the content of your favorite app in more languages. Considering that the Apple products are being used in around 150 countries, is extremely important for a regular user to know if a specific app is available in a certain territory. A good tool for achieving this, is iTunes Connect. With it, you will be able to customize your app for a specific target market, by changing features like timezone, measurement units, letters or some regional formats. However, before you start localizing your app, you have to internationalize it.

Internationalization Alconost

This procedure will make your app adaptable to any culture, language and regional custom. Thanks to the advanced tools, it can be really easy to do it. All you need to do is enable the Base Internationalization. This interface is very easy to operate and it will modify your project structure, according to your preferences. Before the proper Alconost – iOS localization, you should also internationalize your code. You can do that very simple, by creating some strings files. The system will generate the right code, for every particular file.

iOS localization

You can start the iOS localization process by adding a new language. The easiest way to do that is from the Project Navigator interface, by selecting your desired language. A dialog box will pop up, and you can now choose a reference language for each file. Save your work, and the Xcode will now contain your new preferences. The next step is the Alconost – online translation of the actual strings into the selected language. In order to do that, you can use a professional translator, or you can do it by yourself.

Testing the iOS localizationAlconost.com

This step is extremely effective and it will show you if the strings are correctly displaced. It’s possible to perform a manual check, but for long codes, it’s almost impossible to do it. That’s why, you can use the “Edit Scheme” button. This is a great debugging option and will automatically test your iOS localization. You can repeat these steps whenever you want to make another change or to insert a new iOS localization option.


The iOS localization is a very useful procedure for the Apple users. However, you should remember to download the source code and the necessarily apps, only from trusted platforms. Some copied or malicious Alconost – software localization service could severely damage your device. If you are careful and properly follow the steps, you will be able to perform the iOS localization in no time.

Custom software development

Custom software development company and IOT

Qulix systems

A custom software implementation can improve your chances for business enhancement. These applications would help you to manage clients, offer better results, simplify your operations and allow your company to move forward in the competitive environment without wasting money. These solution providers are now easy to find and you can hire them through the internet. But, making sure that your selection is accurate is another subject entirely. Without a precise and meticulously designed selection process, you would not be able to make the right choice in selecting best custom software Development Company.IT Outsourcing

Software development companies like Qulix systems – custom development company are an easy way out to get quality work at cost-effective prices. Many businesses are extending their business partnerships with development companies. Whether the requirement is to develop small software applications or a complete software product, these companies are capable of developing cost-effective and efficient solutions for different types of businesses.
Read more about the IOT here: Qulix systems – internet of things

Before you choose a software application development company offering custom software development solutions, you must consider the following factors:IOT company

  1. Cost: While you look for a development partner in your city, you may cut cost at the sake of quality. This automatically puts bad impression on the customers. An alternative to bad quality is to hire offshore experts who are available at a reasonable price and assures to provide quality work for all types of solutions.
  2. Experience: The hands-on experience to handle different types of projects ensures good results for your business project. The dedication and commitment towards their previous work will help you in your selection process.
  3. Team: No project can meet deadlines if it is not supported by efficient team members. You must ensure that they have the right team of developers to meet your specific and critical requirements.
  4. Technology: Staying updated with the latest technology helps in developing the best for the business. If an offshore company has all the means and resources, they would not fail to provide a solution for meeting your specific business needs.
  5. Quality Standards: Although previous work will help you to determine quality in their work, but accreditations to international standards and other such standards related to the development process, coding and documentation act as a proof for your company.

Qulix Systems – internet of things companiesqulix systems

There are many development companies that are successful in meeting varied requirements of the businesses. Therefore, they are providing custom-made software application solutions to match up with their expectations. They not only fulfill the criteria of above-mentioned points but also maintains good communication channel between the company and developers. This helps them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments that occur with their software product.

An experienced software development company with a good reputation like Qulix – Smart Home System will be an appropriate choice for organizations looking for custom software development services.

Worldwide IT Outsourcing: Looking For New Places

Worldwide IT Outsourcing: Looking For New Places

The world IT outsourcing services market incorporates various nations and locales which because of their particular conditions are appealing for beginning such a business. Truth be told a specific geographic division of labor can be seen in this field. All through the history the division of labor was driving the all inclusive economy ahead, do no big surprise that outsourcing is so famous in the software development industry. A few nations are best in delivering thoughts and ideas, while others give better conditions to do the specialized part of the employment.

Custom software developer outsourcing company are for the most part situated in less financially created nations which in any case have an unmistakable level of specialized science and building assets. China and India were monopolists in this business sector for quite a while using the enormous hole between neighborhood costs and costs in Western Europe and the USA. Today we absolutely can talk about another awesome open door: European outsourcing.

Among different individuals from the Eastern European area, Belarus is a standout amongst the most appealing for Western IT companies. Right now it has about the greatest amount of software and web experts, while compensation levels here are among the most minimal in Europe. With respect to instruction, it is one of the Belarus solid qualities – there different enormous specialized colleges in real urban areas of the state. Many IT understudies are graduated every year making the rich substrate for national software development organizations. Then again, Belarus IT companies are emphatically situated at collaboration with Western European and American organizations and along these lines IT, outsourcing is extremely well known here.

In the start of 2012, there were almost 6 thousand IT outsourcing services companies performing in Belarus. They are working with customers from different spots. Real nations outsourcing to Belarus are Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, ANZ. The geographic area of the nation is fairly reassuring: it takes just about a couple of hours to arrive via plane from any of Western Europe’s urban areas. This is an awesome favorable position as a task proprietor who has outsourced his undertaking to a Belarus group of engineers can without much of a stretch pay visits to his collaborators’ area now and again in the event that he needs to communicate with them by and by.


So Belarus is a developing territorial pioneer of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe. As the interest for IT outsourcing services is becoming speedier and quicker around the world, it is conceivable that inexorably more software development companies will consider utilizing the services of Belarus IT outsourcing sellers. Indeed, shouldn’t something be said about going along with this promising pattern?

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